Welcoming Sarah Jane Brubaker


The past several weeks have been quite busy around our household. On September 2nd, the Lord blessed us with the birth of Sarah Jane Brubaker! She was born at 9:10 AM and almost broke the scale at a whopping 5lbs. and 6oz. (*Big Grin*) Her head-to-toe came in at 18.5 inches. For those of you remembering the circumstances surrounding the birth of our first child, Chloe, you are probably wondering how Sarah’s birth compared. Liz and I have concluded that this latest addition was slightly more complicated than the quick, unexpected cabin birth of Chloe. There were no major complications or concerns, but my wife will tell you that this birth certainly took more effort on her part!

It is now about two weeks later and Liz and Sarah are both doing very well! Many people have been immensely helpful during this time of adjusting to two babies in the house. Two people particularly worthy of mention are our mothers who have both sacrificed in a number of major ways for us recently. (We thank the Lord for them!)

In the coming weeks we will be setting our minds to upcoming ministry opportunities. We are thrilled to be serving each week in our home church, but we are also excited to be on the road participating in the ministry of evangelism into which God has led.

Good News! – Another Abortion Clinic Closed

On August 15th, a judge upheld an order issued by Ohio’s health department that would close abortion clinics in the state. According to the order, the clinics were required to be licensed in compliance with Ohio’s minimum medical safety standards. Many abortion clinics never applied for the proper license and now the OHD is tracking them down.

Martin Haskell, a nationally-known late-term abortionist, was ordered to close his facility for not meeting the medical standards.

The battle will likely continue, but Judge Jerry Metz’s ruling is certainly a huge step in the right direction!

Update: The battle is over! Martin Haskell and his Lebanon Road Surgery Center announced that they would not be returning to court. Case closed.

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Family Update

July is rapidly coming to a close and preparations for the new baby’s arrival are just beginning. God has given us a wonderful little girl and we are so excited to soon have a playmate for her! Mid-September marks the expected arrival of our little blessing. Being home for a couple of months before the baby is due has allowed us to start planning on some changes that must be made to our abode to welcome baby Brubaker. We are currently bringing in the garden, little by little, Dan is working part-time on the farm and preaching to our church’s teens, Liz is enjoying keeping up with Chloe in all her shenanigans, and Chloe is . . . well, being a one year old.

Flying Eagle Ranch

The Lord is good! Our family was able to enjoy two weeks of summer camp ministry in Georgia at Flying Eagle Ranch! God gave us safety in our travels and we saw several decisions of salvation and surrender made by the campers. We also enjoyed great fellowship with family, camp staff, and several area pastors and their congregations. The Lord has blessed Flying Eagle Ranch’s ministry and we certainly look forward to serving with them in the future!