Teen Winter Retreat

The Lord gave us the privilege to minister last weekend at SHCM’s Winter Teen Retreat II. I was thrilled to hear testimonies from the campers and staff of how God had worked in their hearts! The teens soaked up the preaching sessions and many demonstrated enthusiastic attitudes. It reminds me of the days when I was a camper and how the Truths of God slowly influenced my thinking. Major decisions in my life were surely affected by preaching at camp and I am confident that the same will be true in the lives of these teenagers!

Weekend retreats are quite busy. Much preaching is packed into a short time which causes you, as the preacher, to rely upon the Lord all the more. The Lord continues to teach me that He must do the work – I am simply His servant!

Winter Work & Meeting Pastors

Winter has been a real blessing this year! Though it produces some brutally cold days for my part-time farm employment, it has given me a lot of extra time to work inside! This past year I have spent much time sharpening my web and graphic design skills. My primary goal in that endeavor is to use those abilities for various opportunities connected to our ministry of evangelism. January marked several major millstones in that effort. The first being the launch of a new website for my home church. The Lord has led me to several tools that are rapidly increasing my abilities in the web and graphics design world and I am excited to channel this more into my ministry later this year. We are seeking the Lord in how this can most compliment evangelism.

It was a blessing to spend some time in January meeting with pastors! I am seeing some relationships with several of these men grow stronger. God has been working there and it is already producing some benefits for the growth of our ministry. Liz and I are thrilled with where God has us at this time and we look to Him lead our ministry of evangelism as He sees fit.

Looking toward Summer

From Thanksgiving to the new year, most of our energy was put into “staying above water.” It is now time for some serious planning to be done for 2015!
We are anticipating a busy spring and summer, preparing for the different meetings with which God has blessed us.

Last fall, Dan and I started three college level Bible classes at our church and we look forward to continuing them. We would appreciate your prayer support as our family prepares for summer ministry ahead!

Teen Banquet and a Storm Skedaddle

November has proved to be another busy month! The T-shirt weather is over. (A friend of mine refers to this as “modest weather”.) I am typically one who likes the summer weather best, but I am really enjoying the colder temperatures.

Chloe is beginning to venture into the realm of upright mobility. Every time she stands to her feet she expects praise and clapping… That little ego will certainly need some training in the future, but for now, she brings MANY smiles to those around her.

Sarah is beginning to respond with smiles of her own! She is really putting on the pounds and is quickly growing love-handles all over.

Liz has been busy with several sewing projects lately, and I have commenced the designing of a new website for my home church on my spare time.

We had a fabulous Appreciation Banquet with our teens a few weeks back! It is a time each year for our teenagers to show their appreciation to the older folks in our church. Much work went into the event and it turned out to be a great blessing. The time of testimonies was particularly special.

We have finished up November with a trip to Maine to spend time with family over Thanksgiving. Our travel plans turned out to be different than what we anticipated due to the latest winter storm. That evening, we hurried home from Bible classes, tossed our belongings into the car, and skedaddled northward with the storm not too far behind. We drove through the night and arrived about 11:30 the next morning. The sight of Chloe’s bug-eyed and bewildered face at various points along the trip was worth it all!

New Opportunities with SHCM

Recently, Servant’s Heart Camp presented me with the possibility of serving as staff evangelist. Liz and I were quite excited at the prospect! God’s timing was perfect and we have accepted this position with great anticipation. As a staff evangelist, I will have the chance to serve at the camp during staff training. Additionally, my family and I will be representing the camp in our travels and helping in any other way possible.

We believe that God will use this relationship in a great way – not only for the establishment of our own ministry, but also for benefit the camp. This has been Brother Fry’s desire since the start of this formulation and we see it as a wonderful blessing of God.

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