The Brubakers
The Brubakers

Teen Banquet and a Storm Skedaddle

November has proved to be another busy month! The T-shirt weather is over. (A friend of mine refers to this as “modest weather”.) I am typically one who likes the summer weather best, but I am really enjoying the colder temperatures.

Chloe is beginning to venture into the realm of upright mobility. Every time she stands to her feet she expects praise and clapping… That little ego will certainly need some training in the future, but for now, she brings MANY smiles to those around her.

Sarah is beginning to respond with smiles of her own! She is really putting on the pounds and is quickly growing love-handles all over.

Liz has been busy with several sewing projects lately, and I have commenced the designing of a new website for my home church on my spare time.

We had a fabulous Appreciation Banquet with our teens a few weeks back! It is a time each year for our teenagers to show their appreciation to the older folks in our church. Much work went into the event and it turned out to be a great blessing. The time of testimonies was particularly special.

We have finished up November with a trip to Maine to spend time with family over Thanksgiving. Our travel plans turned out to be different than what we anticipated due to the latest winter storm. That evening, we hurried home from Bible classes, tossed our belongings into the car, and skedaddled northward with the storm not too far behind. We drove through the night and arrived about 11:30 the next morning. The sight of Chloe’s bug-eyed and bewildered face at various points along the trip was worth it all!

New Opportunities with SHCM

Recently, Servant’s Heart Camp presented me with the possibility of serving as staff evangelist. Liz and I were quite excited at the prospect! God’s timing was perfect and we have accepted this position with great anticipation. As a staff evangelist, I will have the chance to serve at the camp during staff training. Additionally, my family and I will be representing the camp in our travels and helping in any other way possible.

We believe that God will use this relationship in a great way – not only for the establishment of our own ministry, but also for benefit the camp. This has been Brother Fry’s desire since the start of this formulation and we see it as a wonderful blessing of God.

To see the original announcement on SHCM’s site – click here.

Good News! – Big Win for Traditional Marriage

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday that the federal government does not have the authority to define marriage. The issue is a state-level decision.

Unless you have just mindlessly read the previous two sentences, you will realize the great ramifications of this ruling.

According to the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, the marriage issue is not an area into which the federal government has authority to venture. “We the people” have defined what the federal government has power to rule. Marriage is not one of them. Praise the Lord that this court decision abided by the law of the land!

Also of note, recent polls show a raise in support for traditional marriage.

Good News! – Both House and Senate are Predominantly Red

Most of the results of the latest election are in and it is clear that both the House of Representatives and the Senate are predominantly Republican controlled. Though politics is not the primary solution for the dying heart of America, I believe that these election results have the greatest potential of slowing the process.

What is the solution? Revival in the churches of America starting with revival in YOUR relationship with God! The practical solution for today is for you to get back to cultivating the basics of your relationship with your Creator.

“Revival is getting back to the basics.” – Evangelist Billy Ingram

First Time Traveling with Two Babies

Eight days ago Liz and I began to pack for our first meeting since the birth of Sarah. What a learning experience! Two babies and all their belongings can fill up a Ford Focus about as fast as Chloe can transform a spaghetti dinner into a disaster area! Once we had everything into the car and the doors were muscled closed, we set out for a week of revival meetings in Acme, PA.

Our time in Acme was precious and we saw God answer prayer! It was a blessing all week to sense the Holy Spirit controlling the preaching, and individuals gave us testimony of His working in their hearts.

The opportunity to preach thirteen times in Acme was a source of great encouragement. The time passed far too quickly! Our itinerary for the rest of the year is coming to a close, but we are thrilled at what God has in store for next year!

Good News! – Houston Mayor Flooded with Bibles

After issuing subpoenas demanding that pastors in Houston, TX turn over sermons expressing their opposition to homosexuality, it is reported that the mayor’s office has been flooded with Bibles. An office spokesman has revealed that they received between 500 to 1,000 Bibles from those opposed to this infringement of religious liberty.


God’s Word does not return void and it is His desire that Mayor Annise Parker trusts in Christ as her personal Savior. We must pray that before she passed on all these Bibles to local churches, that she picks up one of them and deeply considers God’s truth concerning her life!

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Good News! – Bible Museum in Washington D. C.

1380088_90522462Some of the big ticket sights in Washington D.C. include the war memorials, the Lincoln, Jefferson, or Washington memorials, the government buildings, or the plethora of museums. As the capitol of the United States, the District of Columbia is known for being the seat of the federal government, its many places of interest, and…its liberalism. Conservatism or empathy toward Christianity is not ranked among its strong points. But by 2017 that reputation may be contradicted by a new kid in town: a 400,000 square foot Bible museum – one of the largest in D.C. – will be opening its doors. According to Mr. Green, its purpose is to target the rising Bible illiteracy in America and to share that “we are sinners, we need a Savior and Christ was that. And He came to die for us that we might have life.”

Located only two blocks away from the Capitol, the museum may expose thousands of people to the Scriptures.


Good News! – More Abortion Clinics Closing

While the homosexual movement has largely held the political limelight in recent years, not all news indicates a wholesale shift toward progressive liberalism. More recently, abortion has been a battleground topic, particularly in the state of Texas.


During the Bush administration partial-birth abortion was banned nationwide despite opposition from Democrats in the US Senate and the US House of Representatives, but the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other national issues eventually saw abortion take a backseat to more pressing matters. National security and economic fears largely pushed social issues to irrelevancy in political campaigns. Voters cared more for politicians who would strive to protect their families and their bank accounts.

Following several years of relative quiet, in 2013 the ebb-and-flow of politics was interrupted when the practices of abortionist Douglas Karpen, of Houston, Texas, made national headlines. The exposure of this man and of abortion clinic malpractice brought about legislature that raised the safety and medical care regulations for abortion clinics. As a result, the number of operating abortion clinics in Texas has significantly dropped during the last two years and most recently, a law was passed that, if upheld in court, will see thirteen more closures.

Separately, a Planned Parenthood clinic that operated for twenty years in Waco, Texas, had already been drawing down its activity over the last year. The clinic’s license to operate has now been relinquished.

These developments in Texas have brought some legislative changes in other states as well, and it is to be hoped that a national trend will continue to bring more pressure on abortion clinics.

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Good News! – Gospel Presentation on Limbaugh

The following is not an endorsement of the Rush Limbaugh Program or meant to promote it or the man in any way. Apart from the many negative aspects of the show, we as Christians can rejoice over the powerful proclamation of the Gospel that was given to the masses. (Philippians 1:15–18)

While Rush Limbaugh is sometimes publicly excoriated in Baptist circles for his profane language (and not without merit), he is worthy of credit both for his political sway and business success. Always one to fight the status quo, he has built an unparalleled radio show that reaches millions of Americans every day.

For those acquainted with his program the details of his personal religious beliefs typically have been kept somewhat nebulous, though his affirmation in the existence of God has always been explicit. It is unclear exactly where Rush stands before God. But now that his bother, David, has just released his new book, there is little doubt that Rush has heard the Gospel.

Rush and David recently discussed the book on Rush’s radio program. Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel serves both as a Christian apologetic and as a personal account of David’s study of God and the Scriptures. In the radio interview David holds little back as he attests to the death, burial, and resurrection of a living Savior. He even manages to address the sovereignty of God and the deity of Christ, all while majoring on the Resurrection. Seeing that this dialogue was broadcasted across the nation, and that when released the book was a #1 bestseller on Amazon, perhaps some will be brought to a saving knowledge of Christ.

As with any author, it would be unwise to give a blanket endorsement of the book, but if the interview is any indication, this book will be a worthwhile read.Tim Brubaker

Source: Transcript

Good News! – The DOJ has dropped the HHS Mandate

A courtroom victory for pro-life and religious freedom advocates, reported that the Department of Justice has dropped the appeal of the Supreme Court’s decision concerning elements of the HHS mandate that would have forced some companies to violate their religious beliefs and provide healthcare coverage for abortion and contraception. It is likely that the news will scarcely catch the eye of mainstream media, but the significance can hardly be downplayed.

The legal pressure on Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties should subside, at least for a while. With the decision of the Supreme Court, the Obama Administration can not force these companies and others to violate their moral and religious positions, a caveat not found in the original wording of the mandate. Samuel Alito is quoted as saying, “The Supreme Court holds government can’t require closely held corporations with religious owners to provide contraception coverage.” Now that the appeals are being dropped, the case will soon be closed.

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